Welcome to Grab It! Deals too hot to last.

*****Please check ‘Before You Go’ for information relating to resort maintenance, activities or interruptions that may impact your stay prior to booking****

Grab It' was created by your WorldMark Club as a convenient way for you, our WorldMark Club Owners, to access great deals at your Club Resorts. Unlike one off promotions, which may get mislaid in the email inbox or may not be read until past the period of promotion, 'Grab It' allows you to peruse fantastic accommodation packages and deals when it is convenient for you.

Important Information:

  • Changes and cancellations of Grab It bookings are NOT permitted. If you would like to add more nights to your Grab It bookings, a new booking must be made separately and a housekeeping cost may apply.
  • A maximum of THREE (3) bookings are permitted at any one time per ownership.
  • If you chose to extend (add additional nights) to your Grab It booking, the Grab It terms and conditions will apply to the entire stay (i.e. non-refundable and no cancellations will be accepted), unless you make a separate booking for the additional nights, in which case a housekeeping fee will apply as the same room cannot be guaranteed for the entire stay.
  • Once you submit to make a booking, you should receive your first confirmation email within a few hours. Please do not forget to check your spam folder.
  • The booking will show in your account within 7 days after you submit a Grab It booking on the Grab It website.
  • Payments will be processed within 7 days after you submit a Grab It booking. If an Owner has insufficient credits to cover the credit cost advertised, the Owner may purchase credits from the Developer at $0.06 per credit.
  • When booking TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel Brisbane only Vacation Credits, Assigned Vacation Credits and cash can be accepted as payment. Bonus Credits cannot be used to book TRYP Fortitude Valley.
  • Grab It bookings are designed to benefit Owners and their guests and cannot be sold, raffled, marketed, or auctioned.
  • If an Owner is found to be selling, raffling, marketing or auctioning Grab It bookings then:
  1. the Grab It booking that was sold or auctioned, or in the process of being sold or auctioned, will be cancelled
  2. all of the Owner’s existing Grab It bookings will be cancelled, and
  3. the Owner will be prevented from making any new Grab It bookings for a period of 6 months from the date the Owner was found to be selling or auctioning Grab It bookings.
  • Once the booking is processes, Owners will receive a new confirmation email from the reservation system
  • Note not all room types may be suitable for people with mobility issues.  Please refer to the online support centre http://support.worldmarksp.com/home  before booking if you have special requirements as room changes are not possible.
  • Grab It bookings cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Booking Terms and Conditions