Grab It FAQs


What is a background of the Grab It program?

Grab It started from the idea that we, here at Club Wyndham South Pacific, wanted Club Owners to benefit from last minute holiday booking deals, similar to Wotif* and*.  So we thought long and hard, went back to the drawing board a few times, and eventually came up with a program that would add value to Owners, allowing you to take even more holidays at your Club’s resorts.  Grab It!  

*Wotif and are registered trademarks. WorldMark South Pacific Club by Wyndham does not own these trademarks and is not affiliated with these companies.


Is Grab It available to all Club Wyndham Owners?

Yes! Grab It is a program operated by the Responsible Entity of the Club Wyndham South Pacific, and is available to all Owners.  It is not a Developer benefit.


How does Grab It offer great discounts to Club Wyndham Owners?

Most Owners choose to use, exchange or gift their annual Credits every year – with hundreds of holidays taken a year and thousands of rooms booked, we know you love to holiday!

We always want Owners use their Credits to holiday, but sometimes some Owners may let Credits expire (remember, annual Vacation Credits expire in two years). Grab It uses expiring Credits from some of these Owners to make last minute bookings in surplus inventory in your Club’s resorts. We reach out to all Owners with expiring Credits and encourage them to use these Credits before they expire.


Does this mean those Owners lose the right to use their expiring Credits?

Not at all. Each and every Owner is entitled to use their Vacation Credits until midnight on the last day of the month that the Credits expire.

Some Owners forget about their expiring Credits and contact us after the expiry date has passed.  The Grab It program benefits Owners in this situation as we are able to offer these Owners a holiday booked on Grab It for no additional cost, based on their expired Credit amount if they contact us within 30 days of their Credits expiring.    


How are Owners notified that their Credits are due to expire?

We’d like all Owners to use Credits and holiday at their Club resorts. However, some Owners, for whatever reason, may let their Credits expire. We notify these Owners by email four times – around 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 14 days before their Credit expiry date. We also send a text message to these Owners to encourage them to use their Credits. Grab It is the last option.

If you are behind in making either your levies or finance payments you may receive different notification about your expiring Vacation Credits. Owners with accounts that are overdue will not have their expiring Credits used for Grab It and will not be able to take advantage of the option to book a holiday through Grab It for no extra cost.


How are the resort locations and seasons for the Grab It offers determined?

Grab It only focuses on resort rooms which are not normally used by Owners.


Does Grab It incur a cost to the Club?

Grab It is a self-sufficient program that generates revenue for the Club from the cash packages to cover housekeeping costs.


What should I do if I don’t want to participate in the Grab It program?

If you would prefer that your expiring Credits not be used for the Grab It program you can always choose to opt-out by visiting the Grab It website ( or visiting this link.

The best option to make use of your Credits is by making a booking! Booking is easy – you can either go online or give our team a call on AU 1300 850 160, NZ 0800 850160 or INT’L +61 7 5512 8021.


Some recommendations to prevent expiring Credits:

We strongly advise all Owners to monitor their account. If you have Credits due to expire, think about booking a holiday for yourself, family or friends.

Below are some key points:

1.    The easiest way to remember the expiry date of your Vacation Credits is to know your anniversary month. Vacation Credits would normally expire on the last day of your anniversary month. Remember, this doesn’t apply to other Credit types (such as bonus or incentive Credits), which can expire on any day.

2.    Regularly check your account and Credit expiry dates online by signing in to

3.    Keep an eye on your email for Credit expiry notifications, sent around 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 14 days prior to the expiry date.

4.    A few more tips on using expiring Credits:

a.    You can make a booking at your Club’s resorts up to 13 months from check-in date.

b.    You may choose to gift your expiring Credits to friends or family members in a holiday gift certificate.

c.    If you are a member with other exchange companies (such as RCI), you may choose to deposit your Credits with them.


TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel Brisbane

As this resort is an Associate Resort, Credit options for payment for Grab It packages differ to other WorldMark South Pacific Club Resorts. When booking TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel Brisbane only Vacation Credits, Assigned Vacation Credits and cash can be accepted as payment. No Bonus Credits can be used to book TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel.